About Us

Monteverde Country Lodge

Focused in family trips and looking forward to provide our guests with the most typical Costa Rican lodging experience, Monteverde Country Lodge was remodeled assuring the maximum comfort, yet preserving the real essence of traditional rustic lodging of the Monteverde from 20 years ago. Wooden finishes and gorgeous gardens keep our guests in touch with nature; personal service and accommodating staff complement a renewing experience for fellow Costa Ricans and guests from around the world.

By rescuing concepts like sustainability, helpfulness, quietness and delicious traditional Costa Rican recipes, Monteverde Country Lodge orients its efforts on lending your trip a hand to become the most authentic adventure in this amazing forest.

As well as its sister property Hotel & Spa Poco a Poco; this lodge has been working hard to cause the minimum impact to the fragile ecosystem surrounding it. Its labors include sewage proper disposition, responsible use of water and electricity, communal projects, recycling and the "Eco-Guest" Program: where guests are motivated to participate in an ambitious program to get the best use of resources and to minimize the negative impact of our operation.

Enjoy one of the most famous paradises in the world and be part of the solution!